5 day hiatus

I have been busy the last few days so there hasn’t been much update..

I have a dance show that starts on Friday so i have rehearsals from 8-5 every day and after that i go home and fix with the outfits and then i sleep.

so instead of reblogging like 10 things a day when i have 1 free minute of time im just going to take a break for the rest of the week.

I’ll be back on sunday and i will miss you all

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Old Generation: "You were named after your grandfather."
Now Generation: "You were named after a celebrity."
Next Generation: "You were named after a fictional character."

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by  から


He only wants you in his bed

Oh God I missed drawing them so much! Hello old and new followers ^^, how have you been? 


雪なので by 夕凛 


ロー中心 by BILDO 


phoenix - onepiece | kiriha2929

from north pole by おもち


One Piece fan art | koloromuj


Young Nico Robin for viruul ‘s #OnePieceCollab on twitter.



Kyros for the twitter OP COLLAB!!

The Straw Hat pirates in the New World