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Luffy: Zoro take a left okay?
Zoro: Okay, got it
Zoro: I think Luffy said to take a right turn at the equator line and spin around 90 degrees and point my finger at the lunar eclipse on the day of the winter solstice to determine the path I should take.


Her old design was cool.

Also, Medusa’s tattoos because hey why not 

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I love this outfit a lot! but I kinda lost motivation after working on the upper half OTL maybe I’ll finish it later

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"You always said that an unstoppable wave is coming. One that brings a new age for the strong. I’ve destroyed all the gears. And now, there’s no turning back!” - Trafalgar Law

Colour Spread Favourites: Tony Tony Chopper

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The Mugiwara Family goes shopping, as requested by pikachubird~ I apologize for taking so dang long. x’D