Trafalgar Law request for trafalgarlawkun 

Sorry it took so long >.> Hope you like :D

I either butchered him or won at life


kaminah said: they could be allies, they enjoy kicking ass together but they’ll also fight each other over dorky pointless things like literally which disney song is the best

Oh man, that’s just perfect. Also Kid joined a bit later so Franky and Barto got to do all the important decisions and fuck them up beautifully.

one edit per chapter: Chapter 77 - One Step of the Dream


Donquixote Family,Trebol Army- Assassin Violet, Wielder of the Giro-Giro no Mi 


"Oh I’d never get my hands dirty.”


Mixing up some of the palettes I got because some of the characters were repeats so

Dellinger in palette #7. With some liberties. 


Little Monet doodle because I wanted to practice drawing layered hair.

» Luffy


This dork.

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