this is my favourite cap of doflamingo




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what do you need them for

we’re taking north korea by sundown

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I haven’t really had a chance to think about it! I’ve been too busy tracking down that damn ‘Mingo!


The thing I'm most afraid of..
is being consumed by this country,
and becoming a completely different person!
Happy 16th Anniversary! (04/08/1997 - 04/08/2013)
||| Thank you Oda

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Zoro taking off his coat in Punk Hazard
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Can we just talk about how amazing was Sanji here?

Yes, it’s a shame not many people talk about how amazing Sanji was here. This is one of my favourite moments of him. It’s dreadful how some people say Sanji is the one who cares less about the crew (except for the ladies), when he was the one to go mad when Luffy was about to suggest Usopp should leave the crew. He didn’t even let Luffy finish the sentence and he kicked his captain because he couldn’t bear the idea of someone (NOT the ladies) leaving the crew. He was also the first one to freak out when the crew started to disappear at Sabaody, and the only one to leave his group to save another group, because he knew Zoro, Usopp and Brook were in a lot more danger than himself, Nami and Franky.

So thank you, for reminding us how truly amazing Sanji was here. ♥

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redrew a screencap of luffy from film z !!


I made a needleart for my new apartment.


Just what is... freedom? Where can I find it?

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